Better Love Yourself  is committed to nurturing and supporting young college bound women and men.  Our Goa is to provide financial assistance, dorm trunks and mentoring for young students meeting an helping hand.  This year there are no trunks do to another challenging year of Covid.  We want to remain as safe as possible but we also want to address the needs of our graduates attending college for the first time.   Through the generous support of our donors and volunteers, we are able to provide Laptops.  

If you fill out the application and if you are awarded a Laptop or Tablet,  this information will come to you in the form of a email and letter.  The information was designed to assist you in getting ready to go to college with pertinent information from our workshops to our mentoring program.  Please be patient as this is a virtual work shop and the August 1st event is a Car Event.  All the other cities are walk up and receive events with time slots and individual rules of participation some with parents only and some with students only.  Covid rules are in place and the numbers must be strictly followed by all with no exceptions.  

 June 1st is the Deadline for the Application.

Thank you so much for your patience.


Terisa Griffin

Executive Director

Better Love Yourself Inc. NFP